Bulk Nursery  
has since the nineteen fifties been known as “The Nursery for Special Plants”.The Nursery grows a broad range of rare and unusual woody plants with care and biological principals. Beyond our own range of plants, we offer nursery colleague’s products, which likewise stand for quality and reliability.

 Nature-friendly way
By cultivating a wide range of plants and not using pesticides, we have very little trouble with diseases and harmful insects. There is a natural balance of good and bad insects. Many different flowers provide food for insects at different times of the year and in the large mother plant and grass areas small rodents, birds and even snakes can shelter.


Our soil 
Because of growing most plants in the open ground, we need to ensure the soil level stays high enough. So we keep it in shape by spreading 'mulch' and by sowing green fertilizer on a different part every year. All work is done in a traditional way, without large machines or heavy tools. A big number of our plants are grown in the 'open ground'. For the rest we try to avoid the use of peat in our potting soil

We supply
mainly specialized garden centres, plant wholesale, botanical gardens, arboreta, landscaping gardeners and collectors. But everyone who loves plants is welcome!
In our catalogue you can find a lot of information about our plants and here you will find all information about how to order. 
Visiting us
please remember that we are a nursery and not a garden centre. Therefore we do not have any direct sales or time to give advice. Anyways you are welcome to get inspiration, write down plants you fancy and hand in a written request for a later collection! 

With kind regards,
Mark and Anne Bulk
and team